by Betty 

April 22, 2021

Today I drove 50 miles to visit a graveyard.
This is something I aim to do every Spring. Now some might think that wandering around a graveyard not only unconventional, but downright spooky.

Who said that a person has to stick to being conventional? Sometimes being unconventional is loads more interesting. Besides, visiting this particular graveyard in Spring is not only fascinating, it contains unparalleled beauty. It covers many acres, and contains dozens and dozens, perhaps hundreds of Redbud, Dogwood, Japanese Maples, and many other trees, shrubs and flowers.

Huge black antique wrought iron gates guard the entrance. These stand open during the daytime.

Entering, one is transported to a different world... Close to the entrance there is a building. It looks to be ancient. The structure, made with multi colored grayish stone, has a pointy roof, and a bell tower steeple. There are chimneys here and there, sticking above the rooftop. In the front entryway, double brown doors are set within an archway. Lovely diamond pane windows are deeply recessed. Ivy is creeping over the walls, adding to the charm.

Is this a Chapel? A former caretakers cottage?

Somehow it almost seems that you have stepped into a storybook world. Is this for real? The whole thing has an aura of mystery. A fountain is splashing streams of water behind the building. And of course everywhere flowers are blooming.

Gorgeous dark red leaves of Japanese Maples contrast sharply with clouds of lacy white, pink, and soft rose color of the Dogwoods.

Overhead is stretched a brilliant blue sky. It is as near a perfect day as is possible in this world.

For the birds and bees and butterflies, this is a happy place

Spooky? No. I find it intriguing. Fascinating. Riveting. There is a hush under all that tree cover. Muffling the sounds of busy urban city a short distance away. And the hundreds or is it thousands of graves here all represent a life lived. Of people who were born. Likely they faced a mixture of trials and joys. Some of the graves date back to the 1800’s. But whether they stepped into eternity many years ago or yesterday, not a single one is forgotten or unknown to God. The only thing that really matters for them, and us too, is what we do with the person of Jesus Christ. To those who receive Him as Lord and Savior, is to have life everlasting in the presence of God.

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  • Wow that’s so beautiful.. I love spring with its redbuds dogwoods… yes it seems our lives are but a vapor.. here today n gone tomorrow.. and only what’s done for Jesus will last!

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