by Betty 

February 17, 2022

Sometimes dreams do become reality. 

My husband called me from work. "I made reservations at the Grand Victorian Inn for tonight," he announced without any preamble. "A surprise Valentine's Day gift for you!" 

I was momentarily blown away.

Woo-Hoo! For YEARS I had dreamed about visiting the Grand Victorian Inn, located in Park City Kentucky. Perhaps for my birthday or our wedding anniversary. But somehow the time was never quite right and it didn’t happen - until now. To say that I was excited is stating it mildly. 

Let's Backtrack A Little

We had some very challenging months the last half year.

Last November I had surgery to remove the Basel Cell Carcinoma, a type of skin cancer that had spread from my face to under my hair.

Since late December, Abe and I started being caretaker, for his aged parents, taking turns with two more of the Schlabach siblings. This means that every ten days we take another turn, staying for 5 days at a time.

In January, Abe was in an accident that totaled his work trailer.

Three weeks ago, I became very ill. During the course of numerous doctor visits and tests, I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and my medical record says “ findings compatible with early congestive heart failure.” (I am now waiting for a visit with a Cardiologist to find out exactly what that means.)

To The Inn

With all these challenges that have sprung up lately, I have found it difficult to find the time and energy to write, and my blog has been quiet for awhile. A restful interlude at this Inn brought fresh writing inspiration.

I deeply enjoy looking at houses. It is not unusual for me to go on Zillow or and look at homes for sale in our area, or other random places such as Charleston South Carolina, and St. Augustine, Florida.

Old Victorian houses full of quirks and character are especially fascinating to me. And to think of this special place to relax and rejuvenate from recent stresses - it sounded totally awesome!

Now, lets take a peek at this grand historical place! 

* Note: Some of these images below are courtesy of The Grand Victorian Inn, and may be subject to copyright.

True to Southern tradition, the Inn has a huge wrap around porch lined with rockers, inviting guests to sit a spell, relax, visit, and watch the occasional train go by.

According to the website, "[The] history of the Mentz Hotel stretches back to just after the Civil War. Mr. Mentz was the train station master for Mammoth Cave Railroad Co. from 1853, taking visitors to Mammoth Cave on four passenger cars. In 1885 he and Mr. Renfro created the Mentz Hotel; unfortunately, it burned down in 1903."

The current hotel was built in 1905, hosting guests until 1992. It is now owned by Gary and Karin Carroll, who had a vision to restore it to its original beauty and grandeur. Renovations started in March 2015, and on August 3rd, of that same year, it reopened as a bed and breakfast.

One of my personal highlights of our stay was being given permission to tour most of the Inn. 

I asked the owners permission to write a blog on the Inn, and take pictures, and also use pictures that are on the website for the blog.

They gladly gave permission and invited me to take the tour.

We arrived in late afternoon and were the only guests there at the moment. This gave me the opportunity to see the different bedrooms and their individual décor. I felt very privileged for this special treat.

This Inn has 11 beautiful and truly uniquely decorated bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom. 

I would highly recommend a stay at the Grand Victorian Inn for anyone. But especially for those that enjoy history and antiques and collectibles.

It is for adults only, which I thought a little unusual, but after I was there and saw the inside, it made perfect sense.

Every nook and cranny is brimming with charming antiques, delicate lace, and stories begging to be told.

From the old wooden floorboards, to the tall windows, and very high ceilings, this whole place is alive in Victorian-era charm. Even the metal door plates are carved with intricate designs!

The Inn has an in-house café. In the evening we were served a delicious Valentine banquet; a slice of New York Cheesecake was a highlight! Breakfast in the morning was delectable - pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and orange juice.  Plus a self serve coffee/ tea bar.  

A special thanks to our children who provided us with a monetary gift and specified that it is to be used for my medical needs, and for some “dates” for Abe and I. 

The hosts were gracious, the food outstanding, our stay was refreshing in every way. What more could you ask? If you enjoy history and you're looking for a unique date night experience, this place is for you!

Truly, the time spent at the The Grand Victorian Inn was a restful retreat for Abe and I, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. This is one date that will stand out in my memory for a long time.

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Thanks for enjoying my blog! Hi, I'm Betty, and I live in central Ky, with my husband, daughter, one dog and one cat. I am passionate about relationships, home-making and wordsmithing. In this blog I write about the things I am passionate about, as well as sharing stories of my life, past and present. My hope is you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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