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July 6, 2020



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About the author


I'm  Betty

All of us have a story. The raw material that is in God's hands, is used to mold and shape us into the divine design He has for each of us personally.

This blog consists of tidbits of my story, both past and present. I write about the life I live.

My interests include words, both reading and writing. Of learning things and discovering deeper truths. I deeply enjoy music. Exploring historical places. Cooking and baking. Thrift shopping at flea markets and yard sales. Dates with my husband and meeting girlfriends at local coffeehouses or teashops.

I also love being a homemaker. Creating a home that is an oasis of peace and beauty.  A place where loved ones gather and together we share life experiences and stories.

But most of all, I'm passionate about relationship. There is so much joy in being close to the Father God. Of having heart connections with family and friends.

I invite you to read and enjoy the stories of my life, and perhaps get inspiration from the busy, beautiful life I live!

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This is my mom. She is a born writer, full of wit, wisdom and inspiration. She is a blessing to all who know her and I am proud and blessed to be her daughter.

Kristina Miller

Betty's writing will grip you, make you laugh, cry, and get inspired, all in the same story. Her writing style is perhaps not the most "polished", but its real, its raw, and it will make an impact that sticks. I'm proud to have helped her design, and bring to life, her long-time dream of her own blog site. I'm proud I get to call her, "Mom".

Eric Schlabach

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